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Determined Malleefowl at Badja

Roger Pitman reported from a very hot Badja Station in Western Australia the story of a determined Malleefowl Parent.

Roger manages Badja Station (owned by Karara Mining Ltd and Gindalbie Metals), home to one of our most northerly monitoring sites. There are 86 mounds monitored at Badja since 2012. This year only one mound has been found to be active.

However! Roger has been keeping an eye on Malleefowl mounds at Badja for 30 years and this year his remote camera captured a very interesting image outside the monitoring site on a mound that is not even 12 months old. The chick seen emerging from the mound is apparently the second this season and is all the more remarkable because the mound was virtually washed away a few weeks ago and had to be rebuilt by the resident Malleefowl.

As Roger exclaimed “Proud parent or what!!!!!!”