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Jan 15, 2019

Mallefowl monitoring training videos now available online

The Victoria Malleefowl Recovery Group has been working on the development of some Training Videos, a project that has been led by Greg Davis. This initiative is part of the committee's quest to try new ways to train our monitors, or to provide some revision for our more experienced monitors. This allows us to maintain the high quality of the data that we collect.

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Posted by: tim

How to use the Etrex 10

Instructions for the use of an Etrex10 for finding malleefowl mounds and finding your way back.



Android Instructional Video

The setup and preliminary instructions for the use of an Android for mallefowl mound monitoring.


How to Enter Data and Take Photos with Android

This video shows the sequence from the "Do What" monitoring screen to the finish of the process.


Malleefowl Monitoring at the mound- Practical

Joe describes the processes to be carried out at a malleefowl mound when monitoring.