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Armstrong Bequest grant applications open 1 October 2021

The Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group (VMRG)  is pleased to announce that small grants will be made available from the Armstrong Bequest to provide financial support to projects that will make a positive difference to Malleefowl conservation and preservation in Victoria or to promote the enhancement of the natural environment for Malleefowl in Victoria. 

Applications for projects in other States will be considered but Victoria must benefit in some way. 

In accordance with the policies and aims of the VMRG this may include research projects or activities that include on-ground monitoring, raising awareness of Malleefowl issues or undertaking field research. 

It may also include research and/or education into known or emerging Mallefowl threats (both human and natural) such as predators, competition, land management or climatic impacts on Malleefowl numbers or breeding activities. 

The citizen science model of science, research and education is strongly supported by the VMRG as is community education and training that leads to Malleefowl conservation and preservation. 

VMRG has partnered with The Wettenhall Environmental Trust (WET) for the administration of these grants. 

Applications open 1 October 2021 and funds will be released in November 2021 if approved.