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Monitoring and Management

As Australia’s national group of Malleefowl scientists, we offer a range of services that contribute to Malleefowl conservation. These include:


• Mound surveys and monitoring, including ground-truthing of LiDAR results
• Development and review of Malleefowl monitoring programs
• Development and review of Malleefowl management plans
• Training events for staff and volunteers
• Education events


Our organisation is backed by a highly-skilled team of scientists, with unmatched expertise in Malleefowl ecology, conservation and monitoring techniques, as well as decades of experience in conducting fieldwork across Australia.


Please get in touch with us to discuss your plans for Malleefowl monitoring or management.


BY DAVID KELLETT, RIVERINA LOCAL LAND SERVICES The past six or so months has been quite busy securing funding and working on what direction the…
BY JOE BENSHEMESH NMRT The camera-traps the VMRG placed at 6 sites in 2015 have been producing a bounty of photos, as our team of…


FEATHER DETAIL! Look at this stunning image captured by Outside Four Walls and enjoy all the detail and tones of the malleefowl plumage!

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New year & new ways to support malleefowl conservation!

We now have an online shop where you can buy t-shirts, bags, and mugs with our brand new malleefowl design by the talented Madison Erin Mayfield

Here is the link ( to get yourself some awesome bird swag and help us with our ongoing work to protect and study malleefowl!
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2 months ago

National Malleefowl Recovery Team

🔉Sound on ! A new malleefowl vocalisation recording, this time from Ferries McDonald CP in South Australia.

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SECOND ROUND - SMALL GRANT AVAILABLE from The Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group (VMRG)!

Applications open on 1 December 2020 and funds released in February 2021:

The Victorian Malleefowl Recovery Group (VMRG - has small grants available from the Geoff Armstrong Bequest to provide financial support to projects that will make a positive difference to malleefowl conservation and preservation in Victoria or to promote the enhancement of the natural environment for malleefowl in Victoria.

Applications for projects in other States will be considered but Victoria must benefit in some way.

In accordance with the policies and aims of the VMRG ( ) this may include research projects or activities that include on-ground monitoring, raising awareness of malleefowl issues or undertaking field research.

It may also include research and/or education into known or emerging mallefowl threats (both human and natural) such as predators, competition, land management or climatic impacts on malleefowl numbers or breeding activities.

The citizen science model of science, research and education is strongly supported by the VMRG as is community education and training that leads to malleefowl conservation and preservation.

Applications open on 1 December 2020 and funds released in February 2021
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Wait until you see it! This camera trap captured another amazing glimpse into Malleefowl life. You can see the chick’s head emerging from the sand while the adult is scratching, he evens get a few pecks on the head before coming out and wobbling his way into a new life!

After their emergence from the mound, the chicks are capable of leaving the nest mound entirely on their own and receive no parental care. They are capable of feeding and flying within 24 hours of their emergence. The knowledge of what to eat, what predators are, what to avoid, how to build mounds is embedded in the chicks DNA.
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NACC NRM are thrilled to announce that the National Malleefowl & Threatened Species Forum will be held in Geraldton, WA on 7 -10 September 2021!

If you haven’t already, ensure you are saving the date NOW.

This forum will provide opportunities for presenters and attendees to network and discuss the priorities of current national, state and regional threatened species strategies! We hope to create a space to share information on activities and interventions, science and solutions for protecting and recovering Australia’s threatened plants and animals. This year will mark the first time the National Malleefowl Forum has been held in conjunction with the WA Threatened Species Forum, presenting an opportunity for national exposure and shared learning!

We are now providing your opportunity to be involved. If you feel that you have an informative presentation to bring to this forum, we want to hear from you! Simply complete this Expression of Interest Form (
with your abstract for the opportunity to participate, share and promote ideas in your very own session!

More info:
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This project is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.